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DrE Leaves Home to Search for Whisky

Here are some of my big adventures (ok, so most all of the links are still dead... I'll get to this section eventually!  ...still trying to remember all this insanity using photo evidence...)

Here I'll dump a pile of old travel photographs and make up a bunch of stories about what (in some cases, I wished) had happened.

I'll do my best but this section will be boring... guaranteed!


I'll just make up stuff from scratch here...

Like, here is a picture of Edradour right after they relocated down by the ocean. 

This is a total lie of course. This distillery is Ardbeg, one of my all time favorites.  No chill-filtering or caramel colouring...  that's the way we like 'em!

It's now owned by Glenmorangie who took it out of mothballs in 1998 

Thank you very much!

Ardbeg rocks and life is good!

ps:  Ardbeg 10 is one of PLOWED's Uniform Standard Drams (USD)...

EdradourThis is the REAL Edradour!

We visited this distillery during the 1994 Religious Tour (the 500th anniversary of distilling in Scotland) and again in 2002 on the "Visiting the Children" tour.  We enjoyed the Edradour tour a lot... after going through much larger distilleries earlier during the tours this distillery offered a fascinating and intimate visit.

I picked up a bottle of the 12 yo recently -- the first in many years -- I'd pretty much forgotten what it tastes like. I'll post some tasting notes here shortly.   (I also have better photos but they need to be scanned from my pre-digital camera days...  don't hold your breath tho...)

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Last update on 12/27/08