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Whisky Magazine and Malt Advocate Swap

Fill in the holes in your archives - 2 for 1 swap offered!

Here's the deal - I'm trying to fill in missing back issues in my collections of Whisky Magazine and the Malt Advocate and am offering to trade 2 duplicate copies for any single copy of the missing issues I need.   The duplicates I have are all clean and in good, pre-read condition at worse.  In the case of Malt Advocate, I note if the shipping label is attached to the cover and any other damage / problems other than the norm for a magazine that's been read a few times.  A few are unread and I've noted that as well.

If interested in a swap please review the tables below and send me an email at:

 magswap (at) smwhisky.com

describing your proposed swap.  I'll do my best to respond within a couple of days and will update the listings below to keep them current. 

I may consider selling any extra copies once I end up filling the holes in my collections.  Send me an email if interested in purchasing copies at the end of this swap and I'll add you to a post-swap contact list.  I don't think I'll be selling any until mid-summer 2006 at the earliest.

Thanks, and slainte mhor!

NOTE:  The following mag list is badly out of date by at least a couple of years.  I've obtained many of the issues I was looking for (some in response to this offer and the rest on eBay) and will update this page sometime in the first quarter of 2009.  Stay tuned - I also may end up selling my duplicates on eBay if I ever start selling there.

Magazines I Need for My Collection

Copies of Whisky Magazine I Need  - http://www.whiskymag.com/store/?REP_Retail_Section=23
Issue Cover/Primary Topic


Jim McEwan - Malt Whisky Ambassador
15 The Spirit of Ireland
34 Sean Connery

Copies of Malt Advocate I Need - can't find an index to these magazines so not sure about the early releases but assume it's always been a quarterly
Vol 1 - Nos 1-4 1992 - I understand this was a handstapled newsletter primarily focused on beer
Vol 2 - Nos 1-4 1993 - I understand this was a handstapled newsletter primarily focused on beer
Vol 3 - Nos 1-4 1994 - Magazine's name was changed to "Malt Advocate" sometime in 1994
Vol 4 - Nos 1-4 1995
Vol 5 - No 2 2nd quarter 1996
Vol 5 - No 3 3rd quarter 1996

Duplicate Magazines I Have for Swapping

Duplicate Whisky Magazine Copies - http://www.whiskymag.com/store/?REP_Retail_Section=23
Issue Cover / Primary Topic Condition / Notes

5, Aug/Sept 99

A dram at the Palace, Milroys of SOHO, Tobermoray, Clan Campbell, Whisky and Fish Bottom of spine slightly crushed

25, Aug 02

A Barrel of Laughs Whisky & Humor Unread
29, Feb 03 007 and Single Malt Whisky, Whisky and Cheese  
31, Jun 03 Desert Island Drams, Counterfeit Bottlings, Whisky & Cigars  
36, Dec 03 Monarch of the Glen (TV stars) and 5th Anniversary of Whisky Mag  
37, Feb 04 Bill Murray and Suntory, Balvenie  
38, Apr 04 Whisky and Hollywood, Ireland Special, Glenkinchie  
40, Jul 04 How Whisky Fuled the Blues, Caol Ila, Japanese Whisky Tasting  
43, Nov 04 The World's Best Blended Whisky Price sticker on cover
44, Dec 04 Celtic Cousins - Whisky from Wales, Cornwall and Brittany. Balblair, Blended Whisky Tasting  
46, Apr 05 Best of the Best - Champions of Whisky 2005.  Icons of Whisky. Glen Grant, Adephi, Distillery Buy-out Two Years Later 2 copies, one clean and the other with a price sticker on cover
47, Jun 05 Celebrating Speyside - Michael Jackson's three day tour.  New Island Distilleries (Kilchoman and Blackwood), Best Distillery Tours, Forty Creek, FEIS ILE 2 copies, both clean
Duplicate Malt Advocate Copies (note, more copies coming soon, just bought another collection on ebay)
Issue Cover / Primary Topic Condition / Notes
vol 8, no 2 (2/99) Whisky Legends from Scotland & Kentucky slight damage where shipping label was
vol 6, no 4 (4/99) Irish Whisky Demystified glue on cover from label
vol 10, no 4 (4/01) Campbeltown Distilleries glue on cover from label
vol 11, no 1 (1/02) Annual Awards Issue small bit of label glue at top from price tag
vol 12, no 1 (1/03) Celebrating 10 years 2 small price stickers on cover
vol 12, no 4 (4/03) Desert Island Drams shipping label in middle of cover
vol 13, no 1 (1/04) 10 Years of Recognizing Excellence - annual awards issue 1 small price sticker on cover
vol 13, no 2 (2/04) New Whisky, Ancient Lands
vol 13, no 4 (4/04) A Whisky Trail Less Traveled I have 2 duplicate copies of this, both clean

last updated 01/25/2009