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Random Chaotic Tastings I've Attended  - Hosted by Malt Lunatics I've Been Fortunate to Have Met Over the Years

One of the things I like best about the single malt scotch whisky culture is that the people most interested in exploring the wonders of the "water of life" are some of the most interesting and engaging people I've ever met.  As amazingly good as the malt itself is, I believe that the caliber of people really interested in exploring malts is really the reason single malt advocates are often so fanatically engaged.  

My current theory is that the a good deal of the hard core SMSW devotees in the 35 - 55 year old range are in large part carrying forward the values and openness of the 60s and 70s counterculture - simply transferred to a medium considered "socially acceptable" in today's political climate.  These are the most generous, interesting, diverse, and fun group of folks I know of - across the world.

Slainte mhor!  Long live the single malt whisky culture! 

2nd annual 4th of July Bash at Rancho Chaos - 7/x/04 - 7/x/04
5th Annual Whisky Hill Dram Jam -  4 /16/04 - Rochester, NY
Vatting in the Vat Cave with Loco Barley - Easton, MA 1/31/04
Sherry Monsters Tasting - 1/31/03 - Southern MA
3rd Annual Whisky Hill Dram Jam - 5/3/02 - Rochester, NY
Ulf Buxrud's Mega-Macallan 60th Birthday Tasting - 4/02 - London 
DrE's Bastille Day Craft and Whisky Celebration - 7/14/01 - Portland, ME
2nd Annual Whisky Hill Dram Jam -  /  /01- Rochester, NY
MASS-MASS tasting - 6/3/00 - Arlington, MA 
Whisky Hill Dram Jam - 4/7/00 - Rochester, NY

Scotch Party Weekend - 6/26/99 - Boston, Mass
Irish Party - 12/5/98 - Portland, Maine
The Quiet Tasting - 3/21/98 - Falmouth, Maine

Last update on 04/05/2008