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Ardbeg Hits the Road

This page was created to document the growing number of Ardbeg fanatics who have secured vanity plates for their vehicles to display their love of this amazing malt whisky.  All those registrations identified to date belong to PLOWEDsters, but we are assuming that there are other folks who have followed a similar path and we encourage them to email us the appropriate photos and information for inclusion in this honor role. 

Ardbeg Fanatics in the United States

Location and Description License Plate Automobile
California - FOAF, Core Los Angeles  PLOWEDster

have photos from A6 but can't find them - D'oh!

no photo yet

Hawaii - Manny, Hawaiian PLOWED Chapter Rep

Maine - Doctor Entropy - Maine PLOWED Chapter Rep (more photos here)

Massachusetts - not sure who got this one but I understand a registration has been submitted  - NANO? 

pending confirmation and photo

pending confirmation and photo

New York - Usigetom - Upstate NY PLOWED Chapter Rep living at the  Whisky Hill Outpost.  Shown with a bootfull of ardBEG!  Well done! 

Ardbeg Fanatics Worldwide

None identified yet...  but we KNOW they must exist!  



Email your subscription information to RoadBEG (at) SMWhisky.com and we'll list you on the extreme cult edge honor role of ardBEG fanatics.

Last update on 04/05/2008