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The Renamed Single Malt Whisky Identifier
aka "Raising the Dead"

The are lots of great single malts bottled under other labels - many from long lost distilleries with only the most tenuous link to the named distillery, if any at all!  Some are tongue-in-cheek constructions created because the distillery insisted (legally) that they not be identified (see Leapfrog and Tactical).  Since I've found I sometimes have a heck of a time remembering which is which I've created this compilation to help me keep these alternative names straight.  

If there are several suggested malts for any given category it's due to:

1.  I've heard various explanations;
2.  There have been different malts bottled under this label; or
3.  I don't have a clue and am grasping at straws.

UPDATE!  Due to popular demand we've updated the Malt Alias List for the first time in probably 5 or 6 years.  

Unsure if the drams in the Alias List marked with yellow in both columns really need to be moved to the "Favorite Children" List below - Please Help!

Please email any corrections or additions (although I think I caught most of the well known Alias Drams you might likely stumble across while FOAFing) to
Whiskysleuth (at) SMWhisky.com

Alias Dram Distillery
Aberdeenshire Glen Garioch
Adelphi Breath of Islay 1992, Cask 5351, 16 yo, 56.4% Lagavulin
Adelphi Breath of the Isles 1992, 13 yo, 52.6% ???
Adelphi Breath of the Highlands 1985, Cask 1065, 20 yo, 54.8% ???
Adelphi Breath of Speyside 1991, Sherry Butt4229, 16 yo, 57.9% ???
Alloa Single Grain North of Scotland
Ardnave  Bruichladdich
Ayreshire Ladyburn
(Old) Ballantruan Tomintoul
Ballechin Edradour (peated)
Bannock Burn Deanston
Ben Bracken Taumnavulin
Blairfindy Glenfarclas
Braes of Glenlivet Braeval
Cairnluish Tamnavulin
Craigduff Strathisla
(peated ,malt from Glendronach?)
Craiglodge Loch Lomand
Credible Cragganmore
Croftengea Loch Lomand
Cu Dhub (black dog) Speyside
Deerstalker Balmenach
Drumguish Speyside
Dumbuck Littlemill (heavily peated)
Dun Bheagan Lagavulin
Dunglass Littlemill (lightly peated)
Eagle of Spey Glenfarclas
Eileann Dhubb Tomatin
Ellenstown Ardbeg
Fascadale 10 yo Island (Adelphi) Talisker
Finlaggan Caol Ila
G&M Secret Stills 3.2 1989 Lowland, 18 yo, 45% Auchentoshan or Glenkinchie?  Has to be one or the other...
G&M Secret Stills 5.1 1987 Lowland, 20 yo, 45% Auchentoshan or Glenkinchie?  Has to be one or the other...
G&M Secret Stills 6.1 1988 Highland, 19 yo, 45% ???
G&M Secret Stills 1.2 1986 Isle of Skye, 21 yo, 45% No secret here - has to be Talisker
Glen Burn Islay Bruichladdich
Glencraig Glenburgie
Glen Deveron Macduff
Glen Douglas Loch Lomand
Glen Flagler Moffett
Glenisla Glen Keith (experiment using lightly peated barley and heavily peated water)
Glenluig Dalmore
Glenordie Glen Ord
Glen Parker Glenfiddich?
Lots of disagreement here...
Glentromie Speyside
Glen Whatever a generic blending malt bottled as a single
Inchmoan Loch Lomand
Inchmurrin Loch Lomond
(The) Ileach Lagavulin
Hilllside Glenesk
Laudable Lagavulin
Leapfrog Laphroaig
Linlithgow St Magdalene
Lismore Glenrothes (5&6 yo vatting?)
Loch Dhu Mannochmore
Loch Indaal Bruichladdich
MacLeod's "As We Get It" Highland 8 yo, 57.2% ???
MacLeod's "As We Get It" Islay, 8 yo, 58% ???
MacLeod's Highland, 8 yo, 40% ???
MacLeod's Islay, 8 yo, 40% ???
MacLeod's Island, 8 yo, 40% ???
MacLeod's Speyside, 8 yo, 40% ???
MacTarnahan's Glenfarclas
McClelland's Lowland Auchentoshan 5 yo
McClelland's Highland Glen Garioch 5 yo
McClelland's Islay Bowmore 5 yo
Michael Couvreur "Pale Single" 12 yo, ???
Mosstowie Miltonduff
Muir of Ord Glen Ord
Old Man of Hoy Highland Park
Old Meldrum Glen Garioch
(Old) Rhosdhu Loch Lomand
Pibroch 12 yo ???
Prime Malt No 1
(15 yo Islay)
Bunnahabhain (current)
Laphroaig (late 70s)
Port Ellen ?
Signatory Island Highland Park 7 yo
Signatory Vintage Islay Laphroaig 5 yo?
Lagavulin 5 yo?
Signatory Mull Tobermoray
Signatory Vintage Speyside Glen Moray 8 yo
Longmorn 8 yo
Glenrothes 7,8 yo
Signatory Vintage Lowland Auchentoshan
Singleton The Auchroisk
Speymalt The Macallan
Strathmore North of Scotland
Stronachie 12 yo ???
Tactical Talisker
Tantallan Cragganmore
Wigtown Bladnoch

Early 2009 update inspired by Ganga at A10 and largely created using Misako Udo's amazing book titled

"The Scottish Whisky Distilleries, the ultimate companion for the whisky enthusiast"  Black and White Publishing, Edinburg, 2006
ISBN 13: 978 1 84502 130 6 - ISBN 10: 1 84502 130 4

This is THE book for the uber whisky geek...  trust me - I'm the Doctor!

I also added the range of post-opening Ardbeg bottles even though most will probably know them by heart.  I just like thinking about everything Ardbeg!

Credit and thanks to David Keir, Bushido, Usigetom, Ganga, Ry-Guy, Loco Barley, Rajmund, Garioch, Johanna, and Acey (along with everyone else I've forgotten to credit here) for corrections and additions to this listing.  I'm grateful someone is watching over me here...

You folks rock in serious PLOWED style!

Happy Tim with Whisky


The next list is what we call the "Favorite Children" - whiskys so precious the distilleries actually name them and often provide all the history / provenance / mythology needed to turn them into cult obsessions.  One of the reasons I love malt whisky so much.

This sublist was suggested by a visitor who correctly chided me for including "non-alias" drams in the Alias List.   Yep, I was lazy and PLOWED.

I'm still PLOWED.

These bottles in this list clearly state the distillery on the label, but we
most often refer to them by their given names.

Favorite Children Distillery
A'bunadh Aberlour
Airgh Nam Beist Ardbeg
Almost There Ardbeg
An Cnoc Knockdhu
Ardbeggeddon Ardbeg
Blasda Ardbeg
Brorageddon Brora
Corryvreckan Ardbeg
Hazelburn Springbank
Kildalton Ardbeg
Ledaig Tobermoray
Longrow Springbank
Nadurra Glenlivet
Octomore Bruichladdich
Oogling Ardbeg
Port Charlotte Bruichladdich
Renaissance Ardbeg
Still Young Ardbeg
Uigeadail Ardbeg
Very Young Ardbeg (both AVY & VYA)

Pretty interesting eh?
Ardbeg apparently thinks MOST of its offspring are prodigies!
No argument here!

PLOWED strongly supports the concept of "favorite children" and have christened
2 of our 5 bottlings so far.  We DO need to work on the mythology part tho...

Oh yeah, arguably some of these don't qualify for "favorite children" status
since they represent very different house styles than their parent distillery. 
We'll argue that one over drams another day!

last update on 10/15/2009