Wash-MASS (The Malt Addict Sipping Society)

We are proud to announce the ongoing formation of the Central Washington-MASS Chapter!

This group is currently forming and it's headquarters is in the Wenatchee, Washington area.
The genesis of this group came from a Single Malt Whisky Appreciation Course I taught in
Wenatchee on May 5, 1999 for the adult education program of Wenatchee Valley
College. We held the course at the best restaurant in Wenatchee,

The John Horan House

I'd like to again thank John and Inga Peters for their generousity and wonderful
hospitality that evening!

Here is the seminar material I developed for that evening
(these are PDF files and you'll need Adobe Reader to use them.)

Single Malt Whisky Appreciation Course
Taught by Doctor Entropy
at Wenatchee Valley College
on May 5, 1999

Overview of planned tasting
Blank Tasting Notes Sheet

History of Distilling
Shopping for Rare, Threatened and Endangered Whiskys
Recommendations for additional information

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Last Updated on 12/28/2000