May 2009 Trip with Julio's Liquors Loch & Key Society to Pick Casks

I just got back from Kentucky with Ryan Mahoney and a crew of about 18 bourbon fanatics where we tasted and helped select the next set of single barrels that Julio's Liquors in Westborough MA will bottle.   We sampled 17 barrels at Buffalo Trace on Monday May 18, 2009 and chose 6 to bottle.   On Tuesday May 19 we sampled 13 barrels at Four Roses and selected 3 to bottle.

I'll write up more about this trip when I have time but for now here are all my photos from this trip without censoring, editing or even looking at them too closely yet.  More to come - we selected some amazing bourbons coming to a Julio's near you soon!

last update on 05/20/2009